Home Brewing Beer Starter kit – Ultimate Beginner Kit 30l



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Embark on your home brewing journey with ease using the Brewery Beer Beginner Kit, your gateway to crafting 21 liters of beer, complete with your inaugural brew kit. This kit offers an affordable and comprehensive solution for budding brewers, providing the necessary equipment and clear, step-by-step instructions. All you’ll need are some bottles, which you can either collect or purchase separately.

Home brewing boasts three compelling advantages: superior quality, cost-effectiveness (saving up to 70-90% on beer), and simplicity, akin to making a packet cake. The cost of your final brew varies depending on complexity, averaging about $0.75 per bottle or $18 per slab. To embark on your brewing journey, invest in a beginners brewery kit from Direct Hospitality Supplies, known for its comprehensive kits and rich information source on their website.

Quality ingredients are key, and Direct Hospitality Supplies delivers top-notch beer kits and brewing sugars. For added convenience, this kit includes both a heater panel for ideal fermentation temperature control and a bench bottle capper, simplifying the bottling process. Enjoy the satisfaction of crafting your beer, enriched by top-quality ingredients and expert guidance.

1 x Fermenter 30L
1 x Blue bottler with stainless steel spring
1 x Tap with sediment reducer
1 x Thermometer digital Small Stick on
1 x Hydrometer & test tube SG scale Beer
1 x Bottle brush (tuft tip)
1 x Air lock vintage bubbler (S-Bend)
1 x Grommets – Airlock
1 x Long Stirring Spoon
1 x Heater Panel

1 x Carbonation Drops
1 x Bench Mounted Capper
1 x Brewers Sanitiser
1 x Brewers Detergent
1 x Beer Bottle Caps – Crown seals dual purpose x 100

Crown Lager Style – Australian Lager – Beer Recipe Kit

1 x Mangrove Jacks Lager
1 x Brew Cellar Ultra Blend 1kg – Blend 15
1 x Beer Yeast – Saflager S-23 11g
1 x Finishing Hops


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