Bottle Packaging – Post Me Inflatable Airbag Packaging



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Bottle Packaging – Post Me Inflatable Airbag Packaging

Comes flat packed, requiring inflation.

This is the 21st century solution in packaging for wines and spirits and many other fragile things, the unique properties and design of this product simply make it superior to any other medium. There is now no excuse to use polystyrene or other dangerous or toxic packaging, Post Me is cost effective, easy to use, light weight, space saving in store and offers superior protection by way of an innovative 14 cell Airbag.

The advantages of this medium of packaging speak highly of the global push to remove harmful substances with both Europe and the USA market places already using this form for the past 8 months. This recyclable innovation has been supported by Keep Australia Beautiful and 80% of the top 200 wineries.

Given that Carbon Tax and Carbon Footprint is on the mouths of all across the globe this product will offer your business an advantage of boasting a fully environmental packaging solution something deemed an advantage especially when shipping products overseas.

Quick Setup and Easy to Carry

The product can be purchased already assembled and inflated or in a flat pack for storage room savings of up to 50% of what is required now.!!! Assembly time is approximately 26 seconds compared to other Post products that take upwards of 6-10 minutes just to put together.

All Packaging Solutions Meet International Standards

  • ISO9001/9004/HACCP/RoHs
  • Products/Solutions are Environmentally Conscious
  • Through all Stages of Manufacture Including Strict QA and QC Practices

Post Me / AIR-Bag is composed of 99% air and 1% film, it is totally flat before inflation, saving space and large amounts of freight and storage costs.

Post Me / AIR-Bag has excellent supporting features.

Single bag can bear 60~120kg of pressure without breaking.

Retains 94% of air over 1 years and can be always reinflated

Post Me / AIR-Bag protects the products with a cushion of air supplied by uniquely designed flutes each individually inflated so even if there is movement within the AIR-Bag and sharp edges
cause a puncture in one cell not all cells deflate so the product within remains protected against damage.

All materials used in manufacturing processes contain no toxic substances and/or heavy metals, this means nothing harmful to our environment was used to manufacture of this product.

The RoHs Certification demonstrates the high technical approach of this product. There are few
products for packaging across the globe that can make such a strong statement “100% environmentally aware, cost effective and viable alternative

Post Me allows you a saving of approximately 20%~40% delivering space when shipping a
storing flat pack

Post Me.

shipped flat pack ready for Inflation. (recommended Ozito Cordless Air Compressor available from Bunnings)