Air Still Carbon Cartridge x (10) – Still Spirits

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Air Still Carbon Cartridge x (10) – Still Spirits

Carbon cartridges for both the Air Still Carbon Filter & the air trap on the Air Still fermenter.

This product is a pressed carbon cartridge, designed to absorb all impurities left in the product after distillation. This process is VERY important as it will clean your product of extremely harmful impurities that can not be noticed by taste along with those that taint the product.

Carbon alcohol filtering is a very critical stage in the alcohol manufactuing process, it helps to absorb any remaining impurities and by products left in the alcohol that was not refined out through distillation. It is cartridge is replaced with every batch being processed as the pore stucture of the activated carbon is filled, absorbing unwanted impurities.

The new Still Spirits EZ Filter is the next step in development and is the most convenient alcohol filtering system on the market, it works with a simple cartridge that is locked onto your Still Spirits EZ Filter. It uses a specially formulated solid activated carbon which is pressed into a cartridge core to remove any unwanted flavours and impurities for your distilled alcohol. This new cartridge system eliminates the need to use the old sytle granulated or powdered activated carbon, the cartridge’s design has a porous property, which allows the alcohol to pass through the wall of the cartridge, collecting and trapping any unwanted flavours and impurities, absorbed by the activated carbon.

What is activated carbon and alcohol purification?

The Still Spirits Activated Carbon Cartridge is processed in a special manner by which the carbon crystals become extremely porous and develop a very large surface area avaliable for chemical absorbtion. Per 1 gram of activated carbon may have a range from 500 – 1500 square meteres of surface area. Activated carbon has its basis ingredients from charcol, for which it is chemically treated and heated to produce the final product. Applying this activated carbon to our alcohol, we are able to absorb many different chemical compounds that are found in the manufacturing process including those that cause unwanted flavours spirit. The absorbtion process is very complex and depending on certian variables, (concentrations, molecular weight etc) the properties of the activated carbon changes, but in the case of our application of alcoholic spirit the process works best when the alcohol concentration is <50%. It is highly recommended to adjust your alcohol level prior to purification.

Still Spirits Activated Carbon Cartridge Info Specs

One Cartridge is suitable for one batch of spirit from a 25 litre still, approx 10L @ 40% once diluted. A fresh still spirits carbon cartridge should be used for every batch. The Still Spirits EZ Filter Washers that seal the carbon cartridge to the EZ unit, they are replaced every 3 batches or earlier if they become flatten and damaged, unable to recover to normal thickness.

What Are Mineral Salts And What To Do About Them

Mineral salts are present in the ingredients of the manufacturing process of activated carbon, before use of the cartridges it is recommended to submerge the cartirdge in warm water for 10 minutes, then flush 1 litre of luke warm water through the cartridge once locked onto the Still Spirits EZ Carbon Cartridge Filtering System. If these are not flushed out they can be absorbed into the alcohol spirit, later these salts can become insoluble in the alcohol spirit, especially at lower temperatures and can form a fine sediment or suspended haze in your spirit. The mineral salts are not fangerous, but you do not want them in your spirit. If you do get mineral salt haze in your spirit, it will form as sediment over a few days and can be simply decanted off. Would be recommended to increase the soaking and flushing of the carbon on your next batch.

Commerical Distilleries Use Activated Carbon?

The Lincoln County Process, is the process why by distilleries in Tennessee producing whiskeys like Jack Daniels and George Dickel filter their whiskeys through a column of charcol chips, it increases the quality of the spirit significantly, and is classified as whiskey rather than bourbon.