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Classic 8 Turbo – Best all-rounder

Classic is the best selling Turbo Yeast world-wide, performing excellently under most conditions. It’s fast, capable of fermenting 6kg of sugar in 36 hours. It reaches 18% ABV where 8kg of sugar is used and has excellent temperature tolerance. Classic has been further improved with the inclusion of new mineral absorbents, further improving distillate quality. We recommend you use Turbo Carbon as it will significantly improve the performance of Classic Turbo.




PLEASE NOTE: Product quality is controlled by five critical elements;

  • Yeast and ingredients (sugars & clearing agents) – Triple Distill Turbo Yeast being the best, Classic Turbo Yeast the most Reliable, secondly the tyes of sugars that you feed the yeast, weather Dextrose or turbo sugars will change the yield and quality, specs can be found at the still spirits website http://www.stillspirits.com/wawcs016161/ln-turbo-yeast-system.html
  • Distillation % & purity (high percentage will not mean high purity)
  • Carbon filteration
  • Flavour blending (noting that some are food flavourings and some are infusing which will improve with age) 
  • Natural aging of the spirit