Turbo 500 Stainless Condenser Kit

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Turbo 500 Condenser Kit

Kit includes:

  • T500 Condenser
  • 6 kg Turbo Production Pack
  • 30 L Plastic Fermenter complete with Tap, Sediment Reducer, Airlock, Grommet and Stick On Thermometer
  • EZ Filter
  • 5 L Measuring Jug/Collector
  • 50 cm Stirring Spoon
  • Wash Hydrometer
  • Essence Sample Pack*

*please note that the included essences may differ from the product images

Produces 95% yield at 93% purity.
Easy to use. The ultimate home distillation unit.

The “Turbo 500” or known at the “T500” are all serial numbered for quality control

Cost of operation

The unit runs on a 2kw element, depending on the ingredients, will vary the operation time but between 4-5 hours is the general rule with a full run. At $0.25kwh, the unit cost a insignificant $2.50 in power consumption to operate, this is opposed to other forms of distillation units requiring LPG gas which can be quite expensive after 5 hours of operation.

Cost of final product

This will vary depending on what you are making and the varying qualities available. But working on the highest quality and most recommended blend of ingredients you are looking at approximately $12 per the bottle which is equivalent to a $60+ triple distilled commercial products.

This figure has been fully aggravated to consider all aspects of cleaning, fermenting, distilling and blending.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit does not include a boiler, and that will need to be purchased separately. 


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Please note that in certain countries alcohol distillation may be illegal and you may require a licence. Ask for advice or contact your local Customs & Excise Department.

Please note it is illegal to use these units in Australia to produce alcohol for consumption without a licence from the Australian Customs & Excise Department.